Duvet Dollars

May 20, 2007

Link: Duvet Dollars

What is it?: An E-book that shows you how to market a product. Duvet Dollars shows you how to utilize affiliate marketing.

What’s in it?: One E-book + 5 Bonus chapters (If you act soon).

Review: Duvet Dollars is an e-book meant for beginners. That’s it. However, it does the job poorly. Much of the information is vague and does not help you make money. The E-book is plain useless. With the excellent job she does on the pitch page you think she could ad a little more … decent content to her book. I would highly suggest not buying this product as it is a rip off, especially for $77. Profit Lance would be a much better option for the price. One good thing about Duvet Dollars though is the money-back guarantee. She promises on this, and she did deliver (I utilized this key feature!).

All together, Duvet Dollars is a rip off that will not help you make money. The site IS legitimate but the product is worthless. Save your time and money from this E-book and try products that actually work (Profit Lance and Average Joe Income Package), both of which are cheaper I might add.

Price: $77

Rating: 2.5/10


Utilizing Adsense

May 20, 2007

A very useful tool to generate some extra income is adsense. People of all ages are using it. Very simply put, Adsense puts ads on your site and pays you for every user that clicks on it.

These ads on your site are non-invasive text ads that are highly targeted. I would not reccommend using ads with an affiliate site as they distract from your main focus. Take note of that, as some of these e-books offer explanations of affiliate marketing and adsense.

To sign up for adsense, go to the sign up page. Also, on the articls page of this site is a good article explaining very basic uses of Adsense. You might also want to check out the free traffic article, as traffic is the KEY to making the most of adsense. And that’s that. Good luck!

The Rich Jerk

May 19, 2007

Link: The Rich Jerk

What is it?: A package explaining how to market your own website, utilize adsense, and perform affiliate marketing.

What’s in it?: E-books explaining how to market online, an affiliate website, and a money back guarantee.

Review: First of all. People new to marketing, do NOT buy this book. It will be very hard to put into use without any form of online marketing experience. The information is more geared towards advanced people, however, the information will not be totally new. At 40 pages, the book is short but goes directly to the point. The price is fair for the amount of information attained and will definitely lead to some new thought and new implementations in your current marketing system. As “miho” from SupperAff puts it, ” I’m sure many readers are also making money using his ideas , not only me.” So in all, you will make money. Some new and interesting ideas are introduced, but a lot is just reinforcing what more advanced marketers know. Again, do not buy this if you are new to online marketing.

Price: $47

Rating: 7.5/10

Paid Surveys

May 19, 2007

Link: Paid Surveys

What it is it?: This website is a great source of information for how to make money from filling surveys of various companies.

What’s in it?: Provides access to surveys that pay money. Included bonuses: “Get Paid to do things you already do everyday,” “How to Make Money with Informational Products,” and “How to make Obscene Amounts of Money From the Internet.”

Review: Paid Surveys is a very reliable service. The site does pay and is legitimate. The surveys are easy and take no longer than 10-15 minutes. What makes this site so appealing is the seemingly never ending amount of surveys. Not only that, but they pay well. The site has been in operation for quite a few years and it is easily possible to cover the cost of joining. I rate this program very highly and would definitely reccomend checking it out, at all costs.

Price: $69

Rating: 9.5/10


May 19, 2007

New reviews for today:

  • Ultimate Wealth Package
  • Adbux

More to come later!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Ultimate Wealth Package

May 19, 2007

Link: Ultimate Wealth Package

What is it?: An informational package that explains how to use your own marketing site (site included, minus the hosting).
Whats in it?: E-books, “How to make money with Ebay”, and “How to make money with Google”, and free phone support.

Review:UWP is a mediocre to poor product I would highly suggest staying away from. The pitch page and price are enticing and it very well is possible to make money from. The package offers an e-book that is mediocre at best. The majority of it gives you resell rights and offers you chances to promote his product. Not to mention the customer service is atrocious. A review from “jmerrick” at the Work At Home Forum explains his frustration with the program:

“Ultimate Wealth Package has gone through many transitions. The first ebook was riddled with grammatical issues and badly copied another ebook. It has been redone a few times since then but still falls short of mine (and likely your) expectations. The support is indeed poor and takes a few days to get a response. This package is basically a mediocre ebook with a TON of “resell rights” bonuses thrown in. ”

All in all this is a package to steer away from, as it will most likely not help you earn anything. The owner won’t let you return it so you have to take up the return through clickbank and the website he provides still needs hosting, which will run you down even more.

Price: $49

Rating: 3/10


May 19, 2007


What is it?: Adbux is a pay-per-read service that pays you to view 10-15 ads per day for 30 seconds each. Unlimited referrals at 100% earn of what your immediate recruits make allow for potentially unlimited income.

What’s in it?: You are not purchasing a product, rather signing up for a program, it is completely and utterly free. You will never be charged once. All you get is access to the site which has your referral link and the location to view the ads (plus your stats).

Review: Adbux is a unique service in that it is not your average “get rich quick scheme.” I myself use it and like it a lot. The process is really easy in that all you do is go to the site, click on a few ads and view them for 30 seconds each. Then you tell some of your friends and family, or possibly some people you know on myspace. You will receive 100% of what they click on, which is way cool. The whole site is definitely legitimate, and I use it myself. Don’t expect to get rich quickly off of this, but if you put a little time into it, you can potentially make some extra bux a month.

Price: Free.

Rating: 8/10